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Sorry for not updating

I'm sorry I haven't been able to update anything lately. What with all the rumours and stuff about Honda my mind hasn't been on the job. Sorry about that :(. I will try and keep it a bit more up to date now that I've gotten over all the F1 madness of the last month!

And to say sorry I'll linkage this to a icon spam I did the other day with new Alex and Chris icons :D.

They be here

So yes I venture to actually update as of tomorrow because I only have 10 minutes online and can't be bothered to find the spoilers so will just wait till I come on tonight to watch iMPACT xD!

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Just Before Gen...

Last night Alex won, so it will be as was spoiled earlier and as all hardcore Gun fans would know, Alex V Chris for the championship tonight.

Of course there is a million and one things that COULD go wrong but TONIGHT a Machine Gun WILL be X-Division champion.

I haven't got last nights match on tape not being at home :( I am watching Gen tonight so I'll hide my thoughts on the match behind a LJ cut when I post it probably straight after their match. As for screencaps for this week, I'll probably borrow some off of someone else and post them up here just for the BRILLIANCE that is Alex Shelley.

I do have one thing that kinda is niggling at the back of my mind, not something big, but in Chris's matchs Alex never really got involved, yet in both of Alexs Chris got involved, now I don't really care because as long as its Alex V Chris however they got there don't really matter, but my mum turned around and made me think last night by saying they are making Alex look bad by having him have Chris get involved. And it is kinda true, Alex is great he didn't need Chris getting involved.... But thats just me :P. Anyway heres for a NEW MACHINE GUN X-DIVISION CHAMPION FOR 2009 WHOOOOOOP!!!!